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Watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E! [02 Apr 2008|12:11pm]
Hey! This is Lauren with A&E here. Just a reminder for any Gene Simmons fans, don't forget to watch all new episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels every Tuesday night at 10/9pm CT on A&E. In the meantime, be sure to check out the website for more fun videos, behind-the-scenes content, games, widgets, and more at http://www.aetv.com/genesimmonsfamilyjewels/


Detroit Rock City tribute [28 Aug 2007|11:16pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi fellow DRC fans!

I made a DRC tribute and I put it on youtube.
It's on the song Carmina Burana, you know the one you hear when they beat the sh*t out of eachother.
It's only a minute but I hope you like it, check it out and leave me a comment there if you like!

here is the link



[09 Aug 2006|01:58pm]

20 detroit rock city icons
20 cillian murphy
15 vincent


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[28 Jul 2006|02:28pm]

05 Dirty Dancing
06 Detroit Rock City


02. 07. 08.

Man I've never heard a girl blow ass before!Collapse )

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[01 Apr 2006|11:53pm]

[30] new icons

Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Emma Watson, Trio, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Detroit Rock City



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[08 Mar 2006|11:02am]

Hello everyone!
I am 15, favorite movie currenlty is Detroit rock City.
My favorite character is Lex by fay.
Then comes Hawk, and then comes Jam.

I thought i'd post a few icons for you to enjoy for yourselves.

Im here for the Girl and the CarCollapse )


Great review of Giuseppe and Adam's DVD [11 Feb 2006|03:27pm]

Great review of TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, starring and directed by DRC's Giuseppe Andrews and produced by DRC's Adam Rifkin.


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[13 Jan 2006|04:28pm]

Hi, everyone. I'm new, my name is Lizzie. I'm 17 f usa, I love Detroit Rock City. Jam is my favorite character, :)! lol


Rifkin and Andrews's TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING [20 Nov 2005|06:56pm]

The movie TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, which Adam Rifkin (director of DETROIT ROCK CITY) produced and Giuseppe Andrews stars in, wrote and directed, is coming out on DVD in January.

There are two QuickTime trailers up for it online.

One is HUGE (as far as file size is concerned):

And one is tiny:

According to the Troma website, the DVD will be loaded with all sorts of Giuseppe Andrews stuff, like short films and interviews.


[16 Oct 2005|01:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I joined a long time ago but never got the chance to introduce myself, so here it goes.

I'm Tanya, 15, from Montreal Quebec, canada and i'm in love with the movie 'Detroit Rock City', hehe, it's my most favorite movie ever, I love Giuseppe Andrews, who plays LEX in the movie, although Jason Ritter is my favorite actor, Giuseppe is second. <333

I love KISS, my most favorite band, ACE is the shit man, he owns all of you. :D And most importantly, I LOVE Wrestling, it's my passion, if there are any wrestling fans here, comment cause I love to meet new ones. If you do watch wrestling, my favorite wrestler is Triple H, which is in the WWE, hehe! :D Triple H is featured in my layout. :)

okay, that's too much info from me, comment and welcome me, if you wanna add me as a friend, go ahead cause I love meeting new people!!

Tanya xox

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[16 Oct 2005|12:41pm]

[ mood | good ]

A few friends and I went to Wheels recently (roller skating) and weren't we all shocked when the song "Detroit Rock City" started playing! It was most definately a groupie moment, and since most of my friends love DRC, we were quite pleased.
Just thought I'd share!

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[16 Oct 2005|12:04am]

Hey My name is Audrey and Im New.

I would just like to say I love DRC
It is my favourite movie!!!

I was wondering if anybody has any icons or anything??

if you do may I have them it would be much apreciated.

Anyways its too hard for me to choose favourites. I love them all!

But one of my favourite moments (there were many)

Was when Jam was like I just lost my virginty in a confessional booth.. i laughed so hard.

Anyways jsut though i would say I lvoe DRC!

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[13 Sep 2005|08:53am]

First off let me start by saying I joined because I ofcourse love the movie and the actors and the movie. It rules ten times over and I've yet to see another movie that's more rocktageous.

Second, I'd really like some DRC icons to show my love! I will admit Lex is my favourite cos his weapon of choice is a Kiss belt buckle. So yeah, that'd be much appreciated.

Third, does anyone have the song Fox On the Run by Sweet here? Don't deny, you loved it too, but it's in another movie about the 70's and it's been stuck in my head since forever. I need it.

Fourht, name's Natt. Nice to meet you all.

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INTRODUCTION! [23 Aug 2005|01:23am]

Hello. I am obviously Celine, and this is a pretty cool community. I suppose I should talk about DRC. Detroit Rock City is a WICKED movie. I enjoy the whole thing, but Hawk's little dance to Strutter is awesome. Well...I don't have all that much to say. Uh, I'm from Canada and I like KISS? That is all for now.

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[21 Jul 2005|09:24pm]

Does anyone have any DRC icons?
Anyone willing to share their wealth?
How 'bout Lex? Any one have Lex icons?
I .heart. Lex.

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isa. new. [21 Jul 2005|07:14pm]

i just recently stumbled onto this community. finally, people who have actually seen this movie and liked it, other than my brothers. DRC is my favorite movie ever. Ever since I saw it when I was 9 or something...I have totally had the hugest crush-bordering-on-obsession on edward furlong. hehe.

i'm 14 by the way, and i live in the philippines.


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[20 Jul 2005|11:50am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Fuck yah a community for Detroit Rock City!! I can watch Detroit Rock City a thousand and one fucking times in a row and never get sick of it.

My favorite quote from it is "Like they say in the tampon bizz, see you next period." Oh man. Love it.

I'm glad to be apart of this community.
DRC ownss.

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[15 Jul 2005|05:49pm]

Hi, I'm new.
My name is Stephanie.
I live in Windsor, which is right across the border from Detroit. (Yess!)
For the record, Lex is mine. All mine.

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[08 Dec 2005|09:56pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hey im new. i found out about this movie from this guy im in love withs (hes a total KISS fan) journal when the teacher asked whats your favorite movie. so i watched it and fell in love with it.

everyone ive talked to never seen this movie or heard of it thats why im glad theres a community like this, so i know im not alone in loving this movie.

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CNN.com [21 Apr 2005|12:28am]

[ mood | curious ]

Arrest warrant for 'Pie' actress

Natasha Lyonne is charged with criminal mischief

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 Posted: 8:21 AM EDT (1221 GMT)

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A New York judge issued an arrest warrant on Monday for "American Pie" movie actress Natasha Lyonne, who failed to appear for a court hearing on charges stemming from a rampage during which she was heard threatening to molest a neighbor's dog.

Lyonne, 26, is charged with criminal mischief, harassment and trespass after an unexplained fit of rage last December when authorities said she banged on the door of her neighbor, stormed into the apartment and ripped a mirror from the wall.

Police called to the scene said Lyonne told the neighbor, "I'm going to sexually molest your dog."

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Abraham Clott issued the arrest warrant after calling her case three times on Monday. Prosecutors said Lyonne showed up in court one hour late, stayed 30 minutes, and left.

It is not the first time Lyonne has been in trouble. In 2001, she lost control of her car while driving drunk, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to six months probation.

Lyonne has appeared in more than 30 films including "Blade: Trinity," "American Pie" and "Party Monster."

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[10 Apr 2005|09:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hey, new here.

just wanted to introduce myself, i'm emaline. SO awesome to find this community, this movie is just like *jaw drop*. i remembered seeing commercials for it from when i was younger but i basically saw detroit for the first time a couple months ago and i honestly have watched it almost EVERYDAY since. sure, i'm kind of loser =) but i'm just totally addicted. i'd love the movie even if the guys in it werent that great looking. but lucky for us their all completely gorgeous (i'm kind of partial to eddie furlong, though.)

anyways, awesome job on this, whoever made it. deffinetly looking forward to being a member. thanks--


[05 Apr 2005|09:23pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

hey everybody. I am so glad that I found some other people who like Detroit Rock City! Only 1 of my friends likes this movie and not as much as me! I'm 13 and I live in Reno, Nevada. I don't own this movie yet( GASP!!) but I will soon and when I do I'm sure i will watch it every day if i dont have detention. For now i just borrow my friend's mom's copy. Anyway, I'm happy to be a part of this community and .......................................................yeah. Ok.

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Newbie. [17 Mar 2005|10:46am]

Yes. I myself am obsessed with this movie & have been ever since my dad showed it to me as a youngster.
I'm 15, live in Ontario, Canada & am looking forward to being a part of this community : )

To Show The LoveCollapse )

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[10 Feb 2005|03:04pm]

hey everyone, im new here. just stumbled across this community and thought i would join because this movie is one of, if not my favorite movie ever. i could never get sick of it...you know those kind of movies where u can just watch over and over and never get sick of it. this is one for me. okay, ill shut up now. im just curious, what was everyones favorite part of the movie?

feel free to add me to your friends list if you want. or IM me if you wanna talk sometime :)



[07 Feb 2005|01:17pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey, im new. Basically i love Detroit Rock City, the whole plot of it and the fact that they love KISS as much as i do. I watch this movie two times each and every day, and im not even close to joking. Yes maybe a few times i dont get a chance to watch it probably from being grounded, detentions and school work, parents wanting to do "family time" (which is watching tv anyways...), or my friends that come over dont want to watch it for some crazy ass reason. Well, i think im gonna really enjoy this community.. Later<3

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