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hey, new here.

just wanted to introduce myself, i'm emaline. SO awesome to find this community, this movie is just like *jaw drop*. i remembered seeing commercials for it from when i was younger but i basically saw detroit for the first time a couple months ago and i honestly have watched it almost EVERYDAY since. sure, i'm kind of loser =) but i'm just totally addicted. i'd love the movie even if the guys in it werent that great looking. but lucky for us their all completely gorgeous (i'm kind of partial to eddie furlong, though.)

anyways, awesome job on this, whoever made it. deffinetly looking forward to being a member. thanks--
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A Hawk fan! YES!
Rock on.
I love your icon.
your icon is awesome. i love it
Yes I must say i do love your icon its awesome.. I love hawk .. i do love all of MYSTERY but i must say Hawk is one of my favorite!! lol.

__Hawk 4 Life___ LOL