I <3 The Andy's (winston01) wrote in detroitrockcity,
I <3 The Andy's

Hello everyone!
I am 15, favorite movie currenlty is Detroit rock City.
My favorite character is Lex by fay.
Then comes Hawk, and then comes Jam.

I thought i'd post a few icons for you to enjoy for yourselves.

Rules for taking:
* Credit me in either the userpic description or your userinfo
* If you plan on using any please comment on this post

If some of them appear small it’s because they pretty much all have borders.

(The last one is transparent where the white is)

Almost all of the images are from Yahoo’s Detroit Rock City Production Photos.
One of the images was found randomly on google.
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I'm taking the 'Lex' ones!!!! Those are amazing btw!! :D And Lex is my favorite character too, haha!
Lex is the best!
Especially since he always walks/moves/talks with the rhythm of the music on the soundtrack...

Deleted comment

As sais, at the time I had no way of getting capsd, so I used Yahoo photos...


April 3 2006, 03:50:23 UTC 12 years ago

I found some caps if you are interesed.
Sure! Just point in that direction!
took the burnout and jeramiah ones =]
glad you liked them!
I'm snatching the Sex -- I mean Lex ¬_¬ -- ones. Will credit!
taking cristine.
The Hawk one is so hot!
Haha Thank you.